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In the footsteps of the Aztecs - Teopanzolco Cultural Center

The new Teopanzolco Cultural Center is an architectural masterpiece and located on a site opposite the archeological zone of Teopanzolco, Mexico. VIP´s Mexican partner was commissioned with the lining of the large stepped ramp that emerges from the intersection with the horizontal platform and other areas around the Cultural Center with a total size of 4500 m².

The application was done in following steps:
1. The area was Hydro-sandblasted with 9.000 PSI
2. The joints and cracks were sealed with flexible polyurethane
3. Epoxy Primer was applied
4. Hot spray application of VIP´s QuickSeal MP250 elastic waterproofing membrane
5. Apply of Epoxy and Quartz sand until saturation
6. Apply of a transparent Top coat to seal the quartz san

Project data

Project descriptionLining of the ramps and the plattform
CustomerTeopanzolco Cultural Center
Size (in m²)4500
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