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VIP Polyurea lining systems for corrosion protection

Corrosion damage affects virtually all areas of the infrastructure, from motorways, bridges and buildings to oil and gas pipelines, chemical plants and water and sewage pipelines. Not only do they lead to significant economic losses, they also endanger public safety and the environment. Supply failures and plant shutdowns as well as extensive repairs lead to considerable financial expenses.

The prevention or reduction of corrosion preserves value. Sustainable and professional corrosion protection avoids enormous losses caused by corrosion of plants, components and buildings. VIP Polyuera coatings guarantee effective, long-lasting and cost-efficient protection against the most diverse types of corrosion.

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VIP Polyurea lining systems for corrosion protection

2 component lining - waterproofing - industrial lining

QuickSeal PP 350

  • 2 component waterproofing membrane
  • Hot spray applied
  • Hardness [Shore D] 40 ± 5
  • Elongation at break [%] 300-350
  • Industrial lining
QuickSeal PP 350 is a spray applied, instant curing flexible membrane that can be built to any thickness in one application.
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2K sprayable elastomeric lining system for XPS/EPS

QuickSpray HC70

  • Fast spray applied installation.
  • Fast curing– touch dry in 40 seconds.
  • Completely seamless, even across multiple substrates.
  • 100% solids, VOC and solvent free.
QUICKSPRAY HC70 is specially designed for the coating respectively lining of XPS/ EPS based structures, figures frameworks and therefore it displays a membrane with excellent flexural stiffness and higher tensile strength.
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2 component industrial lining

QuickSpray Industrial

  • Broadband industrial lining
  • Hot spray applied
  • Elongation at break [%] ≥ 340
  • Hardness [Shore D] 45 ± 5
QuickSpray Industrial is an instant curing, spray applied, seamless, and flexible protective membrane and sits in the middle of VIP`s high performance coatings range and is suitable for use in a wide range of generic applications requiring abrasion, impac
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