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VIP`s spray applied instant curing protective Polyurea membranes are an ideal solution for reducing shut-down and maintenance costs increasing your return on investment. Sprayed or cast onto virtually any type of equipment and / or substrate material regardless of penetrations or shape, new or already having been in service, VIP`s premium protective coatings reduce shut down times, extend equipment life and save you money.

VIP`s protective Polyurea membranes maintain their physical integrity even under extreme temperature fluctuations and repeated flexing and impact. They have excellent impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance and provide sound deadening and vibration absorption further reducing equipment fatigue.

Rapid application and rapid return to service ensures that shut down times are kept to a minimum. VIP offers solutions with 15 second tack free times and re-use times of as little as 30 minutes.

Enjoy the benefits of your industry’s best when you work with VIP Coatings.

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VIP Coatings is a leading solution provider of high performance surface protection systems. Our integrated system approach includes substrate repair and preparation products, priming and pre-treatment systems, high performance coatings and superior aesthetic finishes.

VIP is proud to support application partners in more than 65  countries around the World operating in the Mining, Oil and Gas, Water and Waste Water, Power and Construction industries. VIP`s products are well supported with experienced technical services ranging from project and product specification through to on-site project consultancy.

Come to the experts at VIP Coatings for waterproofing coatings,roofing, surface tank linings, bund linings,corrosion control and may other application fields.

Project Request

  • Waterproofing of concrete structures

    Waterproofing of concrete structures

  • Waterproofing of artificial river

    Waterproofing of artificial river

  • Polyurea Substructure Waterproofing

    Polyurea Substructure Waterproofing

  • Waterproofing of lagoons and pool areas

    Waterproofing of lagoons and pool areas

  • Liquid Containment membranes

    Liquid Containment membranes

  • Roofing


  • VIP Application team on site

    VIP Application team on site

    VIP Coatings UK Technical Service

      VIP Coatings Technical Services UK
      Mr. Ryan Rice

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    Application fields of VIP Polyurea membranes

    • Artificial Lagoon and Swimming Pool lining
    • Podium Decks
    • Roofing
    • Substructure Waterproofing
    • Parking deck waterproof membranes
    • Bridge decks membranes
    • Water retaining pond linings
    • Internal tank lining and protection
    • Flooring
    • Chemical resistant coating for tank lining and bund lining
    • Retention pond lining

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