Adderley und Strand Streets
Adderley und Strand Streets
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Adderley und Strand Streets

The Town Municipality of Cape Town

The Town Municipality of Cape Town contacted the VIP partner A.B.E searching for a tough waterproofing solution to stop consistent water ingression into the mall and taxi rank below the Adderley and Strand streets in Cape Town.

A.B.E`s ( Official VIP Distributor) proposal to the City Engineers was to strip the Asphalt Premix and expose the substrate below, before making any definite recommendations. Once the asphalt was removed, it was discovered the substrate was of old design precast concrete blocks (600 mm x 500 mm) that were in excellent condition. The specification submitted was to diamond grind the blocks, creating a sound surface profile of 60-80 microns. Intermediate trials had been conducted: Applying the bituminous tack coat that is used before laying 200 mm hot asphalt premix, onto 3 mm QuickSpray Polyurea.

After the specification was confirmed the application took place in following steps:

  1. Remove of all existing asphalt premixes
  2. Substrate preparation (Repair of any damages, cracks, imperfections on the concrete blocks)
  3. Diamond grind of the substrates to create a sound surface profile of 60-80 microns
  4. Priming with solvent free 2K Primer
  5. Application of aromatic Polyurea QuickSpray with a minimum thickness of 3mm

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Waterproofing ofAdderley und Strand Streets


Cape Town


South Africa

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12000 m²




City of Capetown




City Municipiality Engineers

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