Bangi Wonderland Waterpark
Bangi Wonderland Waterpark
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Bangi Wonderland Waterpark

Bangi Wonderland is a water theme park with various pools and other fun areas.

The client had to repair the park once every 6 to 9 months. The cost of the repair is expensive as well as the cost of de-watering and refilling the water. Apart from that, old coats crack and peel caused cuts to visitors.

The longterm solution was the VIP coating system, which was applied in a few steps:

  • Concrete surface was prepared to an acceptable concrete surface profile
  • Concrete was prepared and cleaned of any residues that my have an affect to bonding
  • Concrete was sealed and primed with QuickPrime 2k Epoxy SF21
  • The VIP Leisureline Polyurea system was applied with GAMA G30 heated plural component equipment

The project was completely refurbished within 2 months.

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Bangi Wonderland





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5000 m²




Bangi Wonderland

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