Water and Wastewater coating systems

VIP Polyurea lining systems for water and waste water projects

From waste water plants suffering the effects of hydrogen sulphide degradation to potable water storage facilities or desalination plants VIP has a substrate repair and protection system that will provide a cost effective long term solution to your asset protection needs.

Existing waste water facilities can be be quickly and cost effectively refurbished with a VIP system adding many years of maintenence free service to a degraded asset. New waste water treatment facilities can be permanently protected against Hydrogen Sulphide attack eliminating future concrete degradation.

Cracked concrete substrates can be quickly and effectively sealed using a VIP flexible membrane solution in conjunction with VIP crack and joint repair solutions. Water loss can be eliminated from failing substrates.

Integrated coating solutions for Water and Waste Water applications

VIP`s integrated solution approach ensures total product compatibility guaranteeing you many years of leakage free and maintenance free substrate protection.

Here you will find VIP products and system suggestions, which are particularly suitable for use in the field of water and waste water projects. Due to the individual requirements and specifics of each project, they do not replace detailed project consulting. Our qualified staff of VIP application engineering are happy to assist you with this. Please send us the details of your project via our request form and we will soon submit a suitable product or system proposal to you.

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lining systems for water and waste water projects

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