Two Oceans Aquarium
Two Oceans Aquarium
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Two Oceans Aquarium

VIP partner A.B.E was approached to submit a recommendation for the waterproofing

VIP partner A.B.E was approached to submit a recommendation for the waterproofing of this new open top aquarium tank to house various seawater fish and sharks. The entire system had to be solvent-free and suitable for aquaria. The Aquarium had experienced failures before, with Polyurethane and fiberglass liners.The project was a real challenge climatically as the structure was less than 50 m from the ocean. Cape Town is also renowned for rapid weather changes including wind. Onshore wind also brings salt fret, which would contaminate the surface. After acceptance of the system recommendation by the customer the waterproofing system was applied, the tank was tested and put into operation in following steps:
1. Substrate preperation
2. Priming with solvent free 2K Primer
3. Application of aromatic Polyurea QuickSpray Industrial with 3mm thickness
4. Application of UV and Colour stable Quickfloor 500 in a two coat application process
5. The system was allowed to cure for 7 days before filling with fresh water
6. The fresh water test for water tightness was conducted for 14 days with zero water ingressand loss
7. The fresh water was drained and replaced with seawater, which was stabilized for 7 daysbefore the fish were introduced.

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Two Oceans Aquarium


Cape Town


South Africa

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680 m²




Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Two Oceans Aquarium


A.B.E & Local Applicator team



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