Moby Dick Movie Warner Brothers
Moby Dick Movie Warner Brothers
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Moby Dick Movie Warner Brothers

Stage pool for Moby Dick Warner Brothers

The Warner Brothers Studios, just outside London were preparing the sets for the newest Ron Howard movie „Moby Dick“, and created a large stage pool form sea containers and geotextile that was to be coated in a watertight, highly abrasion resistant coating. VIP advised the use of Quickspray Industrial to their approved applicator PPC from Keighley. The geotextile was fixed to the containers and all joints between the containers were welded and afterwards sealed, using Quickfill NS slow joint filling material from VIP. Then all areas were cleaned, then primed with the Quickprime 2K Epoxy SF for superior bond to the substrate and then coated using a Gaco Reaktor HX-P2 hotspray machine. A film thickness of at least 3mm throughout was achieved easily and after just 12 hours the newly created stage pool was filled with water to film the water scenes of the movie inside the studio. As there is no connection to the floor the whole tank can easily be demolished, once the last scene has been completed.

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United Kingdom

Size (in m²)

4500 m²


Warner Brothers, Watford


Polyurea Protective Coating Keighley


ICG, London

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