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Pipeline Coating Poland
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Pipeline Coating Poland

The pneumatically driven pipe ramming systems are used for the dynamic installation of steel pipes underneath roads, waterways, railway tracks, etc. The traditional pipe ramming technique needs spirally welded or seamless pipes, as “bore pipes”. The proper “product pipe” is welded to the back-end of an installed “bore pipe” or is penetrated directly through the “bore pipe” itself or its hole.

The “bore pipe” limits the amount of stress placed on the “product pipe” but causes extra working steps and costs. The idea was born to eliminate the expensive “bore pipe” operation and to protect the “product pipe” in a way, that the pipe withstands extreme impact of dynamic traffic loads in
tough soil conditions and external soil pressure. The customer consulted with VIP Germany who proposed a spray applied membrane solution consisting of a proprietary 1K primer and an extremely tough and resilient 2K membrane. Being spray applied the membrane was seamless and being instant curing turn-around times were improved. VIP`s QuickSpray Industrial provided the unique combination of abrasion resistance, impact resistance and flexibility to maintain total integrity during the thrust boring process. An added advantage was that the welded pipe joints could be sealed on-site with the same VIP materials guaranteeing seamless, uniform and consistent protection.

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Pipeline coating - protection for pneumatic thrust boring process





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4000 m²




PGNiG SA – “Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA” (Polish Oil Mining and Gas Industry).


CONTEC Sp. z o.o., PL

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