SA Lunar Telescope (SALT)
SA Lunar Telescope (SALT)
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SA Lunar Telescope (SALT)

Waterproofing and corrosion protection of SALT dome and surrounding roof areas

QuickSeal Reflect Silver is a highly reflective elastomeric coating incorporating unique reflective chemistry. It provides all the benefits of VIP`s spray applied, instant curing, seamless membranes with the additional advantage of reflecting the sun's heat and UV rays. Reduces the heat transfer of the suns rays into the building lowering internal temperatures and reducing cooling costs. QuickSeal Reflect Silver is a spray applied, instant curing flexible membrane that can be built to any thickness in one application. Due to its unique chemistry it can be applied in virtually any environmental condition.

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SA Luna Telescope


Sutherland, Western Cape


South Africa

Size (in m²)

210 m²




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