The Tanjung Bin Power plant
The Tanjung Bin Power plant
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The Tanjung Bin Power plant

Coating of seawater aeration tanks

The Tanjung Bin Power plant is a coal-fired 1000MW power plant. It depended pumping a lot seawaters into the facility to maintain its optimum temperature. Before the seawater gets released to the sea, it goes through a series of tanks to make sure the water is safe to the environment. These concrete tanks that were build in the early 2000’s, have deteriorated and have to be rehabilated.

The Liquidshield system, consisting of corrosion inhibitors, moisture barriers, primers and QUICKSPRAY INDUSTRIAL was chosen due to the high mechanical properties as well as the urgent turn-around time. The contractors were given a timeline of 3 weeks to complete the project, which would require them to remove the old coating by using a UHP water jet cleaning system and 3 Gama Polyurea Machine.

Some of the challenges faced during the application included the tropical rain which would happen during late afternoon on site. This would then increase the moisture content on the concrete surface. QUICKBLOCK LI which is a sodium silicate-based product was used to control the moisture content of the concrete. Surface moisture content readings were taken constantly to ensure that all coatings were applied on concrete with an acceptable moisture content. Juara Sepakat,

VIP Coating’s approved applicator completed the project in under 3 weeks.

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Project description

Coating of seawater aeration tanks





Size (in m²)

3000 m²




Malakoff Corporation Berhad


Juara Sepakat Sdn Bhd


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