Tumba Water Tower
Tumba Water Tower
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Tumba Water Tower

Refurbishment of the Water Tower Tumba

The water tower for potable water was built in 1961 and serves as a buffer in case of leakage of other pipes in the network. The tower has been empty for several years due to problems with leaks and also visible concrete damage.
So it was decided to renovate the tower's inside and outside.

First the old epoxy layer and the damaged conrete was taken away with a highpressure waterjet cutting.
To build back the concrete molds were built and conrete was sprayed to the original thickness. Afterwards a diamond grinding of all surface internal was done and a filler was used to close pinholes.
For building up a new surface protection/water sealing VIP's QuickPrime 2K Epoxy SF21 and QuickSpray Supreme W (with potable water approval Sweden) were used.

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Tumba Water Tower






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