Waste Water Tubes Netherlands
Waste Water Tubes Netherlands
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Waste Water Tubes Netherlands

Waste Water Tubes Netherlands

PU Nederland got the order to coat individual tube segments for a 700m pipeline for waste water. To save time and money the customer chose QuickSpray Industrial S (aromatic), a 100% pure Polyurea 2-K coating based on Prepolymer and Polyamine technology.
Work was carried out in 2 easy steps:
1. The existing surface was primed using QuickPrime 2K-Epoxy SF to create a dampness barrier, fill imperfections and increase adhesion for the Polyurea.
2. After 4 hours, using the hotspray technique the aromatic Polyurea QuickSpray with a slightly longer open time was applied to a superior flat surface finish.

These steps could be completed in a very short amount of time for 300 pieces 90x240 cm tubes. Through using the Polyurea system the job was completed at the manufacturing site in just a few days. With a priming and a hotspray team at the site even a large number of tubes can be prepared for shipment to location in a number of days.

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Waste Water Tubes Netherlands






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