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Quick Clean H200

QCL20000 ( Quick Clean H200 )
QuickClean H200 is a general purpose hose cleaner designed to flush and clean plural component spray equipment including transfer pumps, chemical pumps and plural component heated hose systems. It is mild enough not to damage seals or hose internals. QuickClean H200 is low in viscosity and will not agglomerate or harden.
It is recommended that for storage of the machine for more than 2 days without use that a thorough flush and clean is done followed by a final flush with new QuickClean H200. For storage of greater than 2 days it is recommended that the spray system filters be removed and cleaned separately.
QuickClean H200 can be re-used subject to the level of contamination with chemical product. Avoid cross contamination by ensuring cleaning fluid from the A-side components is not used in the B-side components and vice – versa.

Do not leave QuickClean H200 in the plural component spray equipment for longer than 2 weeks. In the event the spray equipment is to be stored for longer than 2 weeks it is recommend that the QuickClean H200 be flushed out of the spray system using Messamol and that the machine be left filled with Messamoll for long term storage. Do not clean or flush the spray system using QuickClean H200 with the machine heaters on.
Clean and flush using QuickClean H200 at ambient temperature only.
Quick Clean H200
Application areas
  • Cleaning agent for plural component spray equipment
  • As an intermediatary flushing agent between product changes
  • As a short term machine storage fluid
  • Mild but effective flushing and cleaning of Polyurethane and Polyurea based chemicals
  • Low visocosity promotes fast and complete cleaning
  • Will not damage seals
  • Clear in colour so will not colour contaminate hose internals
  • Suitable for use with high pressure and low pressure spray equipment
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