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QuickSpray Geotextile TS

QuickSpray Geotextil TS stabilize base courses over subgrades with low bearing capacity. The QuickSpray TS Geotextiles ensure the uniform thickness of the base coure by preventing the ingress of fill material into the finegrained subgrade. Installation damage is prevented by the outstanding puncture resistance. The high tensile strength of QuickSpray Geotextil TS in longitudinal, transverse and diagonal direction provides additional stability to the structure.

In combination with the polyurea- respectively polyhybrid-2K-coating systems QuickSpray and QuickSeal can be generated superior GEO-membrane systems over subgrades with low bearing capacity, which featuring a high chemical, physical-mechanical and thermal capacitance.
QuickSpray Geotextile TS
Application areas
  • Industrial & manufacturing facilities, storage, load and high traffic areas
  • Water- and wastewater treatment, containment areas, landfill, manholes, sewer-lining
  • Refineries, pipelines, tank coating, gas-stations, car-wash
  • Pools, reservoirs, digester-towers, storage tanks, active carbon tanks
  • Roofs, park decks, garages, ramps
  • Airports, shipbuilding, marine, mining
  • Street-, railway- and tunnel construction
  • Leisure parks, biotope, playgrounds, slip-hazard areas
  • Molds, furniture industry
  • QuickSpray Geotetxile stabilize base courses over subgrades with low bearing capacity
  • Maintain the permanent function of drainage systems
  • High high tensile strength in longitudinal, transverse and diagonal direction
  • Additional stabilization of the construction
  • Excellent filtration properties
  • High water permeability
  • Optimum soil-retention capability
  • Resistant to all chemical and biological media usually occurring in soils and construction
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