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QUICKFLOOR - Aggregates

QCT92736 ( QUICKFLOOR - Aggregates )
QuickFloor A20 – Polymer Aggregates are modified Polypropylene-wax-particles which when incorporated into the QuickFloor coatings provide improved slip resistance.
QuickFloor A20 remains suspended in the QuickFloor coating ensuring a more consistent and effective slip resistant surface under all application environments. QuickFloor A20 – Polymer Aggregates are clear and consequently do not influence the colour shading of the QuickFloor coating
QUICKFLOOR - Aggregates
Application areas
  • Slip resistant surfaces in Pool and Spa areas
  • Slip resistant surfaces in commercial kitchens
  • Slip resistant surfaces in production and logistic areas
  • Excellent slip resistant properties
  • Fulfills anti-slip classifications according to DIN 51130
  • UV-stable and color fast
  • Suitable for use in to both QuickFloor 400 and QuickFloor 500
  • Remain suspended during application and curing processes.
  • Consistent surface finish due to suspension properties.
  • Easily incorporated into QuickFloor products
  • Excellent outdoor weathering > resistant to chlorine- and saltwater
Product-Id QCT92736 ( QUICKFLOOR - Aggregates ) Packaging
  • Tub
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