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Joint Sealants

VIP QuickFill Joint Sealant Systems

VIP QuickFill joint fillers are flexible, polyurea based, 2-component grout and filler compounds as a result of a chemical reaction of isocyanates and amine resins. The joint fillers have a 100% solids content and have been developed both in low-viscosity and stable setting. The outstanding, permanently elastic adhesion properties allow fast, water- and pore-resistant repair and jointing, especially on concrete substrates. QuickFill joint filler systems are suitable for rehabilitation as well as maintenance of substrates . The surfaces are sealed and protected against ingress of various liquids and substances.

Notes for application:

Static joints like flat joints, construction joints or dummy joints can be made with a rigid sealing compound (friction-type connection) and then be covered with a coating.

Dynamic joints like joints between components or expansion joints must be closed in a way to allow for movement. This requires joint dimensions in accordance with the directives valid for concrete repairs. Coatings for dynamic joints must as a rule be kept mechanically separated from each other. This can be ensured by masking the area of the joint with adhesive tape to prevent any sticking above the joint. Caution: The expansion specified in the technical product information refers to the free film of the coating.

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VIP QuickFill Joint Sealant Systems

Joint Sealants

QuickFill NS Standard

  • 2K non sagging joint filler
  • Low viscosity
  • Specially designed for vertical applications
  • Seals against most fluids and other contaminants
QuickFill NS - Standard is 2-component, 100% solids joint filler that has been specifically designed for vertical applications requiring a non-sagging sealant.
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Joint Sealants

QuickFill SL Standard

  • 2K non sagging joint filler
  • Low viscosity
  • Specially designed for horizontal applications
  • For static joints and crack repairs in concrete substrates
QuickFill SL Standard is a low viscosity 2-component, 100% solids joint filler for static joints and crack repairs in concrete substrates. This Self Leveling Material has been especially designed for horizontal applications requiring a slower set time to
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QuickFill Xpress 6000

  • Rapid setting, high strength concrete repair polymer
  • Sets rapidly even in cold conditions
  • Back into service minutes after installation
  • Very low in viscosity
  • Designed for rapidly repairing and rebuilding of damaged concrete surfaces
Quick Fill X-press 6000 is a rapid setting, high strength, ultra-low viscosity concrete repair polymer. This two part polymer system is designed for rapidly repairing and rebuilding deeply spalled or damaged concrete surfaces, broken control joints and re
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