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QuickFloor 500 V

QF51060 ( QuickFloor 500 V )
QuickFloor 500 Vertical is a high performance, rapid curing coating based on the latest polyaspartic technologies. Based on our standard QuickFloor 500 formula the Vertical version contains thixotropes to enhance vertical applications for covings and walls.

QuickFloor 500 Vertical provides excellent colour and gloss retention and is resistant to most fuels, oils, solvents and cleaners. Applied using a roller, squeegee or notched trowel, airless machine or the VIP LP -2 spray machine application is fast and with a tack free time of 30 – 60 minutes re-use times are incredibly short saving customers
valuable production time.

QuickFloor 500 Vertical can be pigmented or applied as a clear anti-yellowing top coat.
QuickFloor 500 V
Application areas
  • All vertical surfaces
  • Coving, pillars, steps, etc.
  • Chemical resistant top coating for bunds and storage tanks
  • Tank linings subject to corrosion and chemical attack
  • Higher viscosity, anti sag formula for application on vertical substrates
  • Extremely fast cure and re-use times
  • Excellent colour and gloss retention
  • Cures to a very clear finish when not pigmented
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Self priming
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete substrates
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Resistant to most chemicals, solvents, acids and caustics
  • Can be used for in-door and out door applications
  • Stable over a wide temperature range
Product-Id QF51060 ( QuickFloor 500 V ) Packaging
  • Pail
  • Drum
  • IBC
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