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Dispensing Gun - 600ml - 1:1 pneumatic

ZUB5110 ( Dispensing Gun - 600ml - 1:1 pneumatic )
The QuickFill pneumatic cartridge gun is suitable for the application of all QuickFill 600ml double cartridge systems.
When using the twin pack cartridge system it is important to take care that no chemical material leaks into the static mixer prior to pulling the trigger on the dispensing gun and commencing the actual application process as this can cause premature cross linking in the static mixing tube leading to blockage.
The process of dispending should be done completely and quickly in one action avoiding any stops, to avoid the material from setting in the static mixing tube. For applications involving larger areas it is recommended that the application be done using VIP`s LP-2 low pressure plural component dispensing unit or comparable equipment. Component B should be thoroughly power stirred before use and both components A+B should be heated to a processing temperature of about 20 - 25°C.
Dispensing Gun - 600ml - 1:1 pneumatic
Application areas
  • Sealing cable channels and inductive loops
  • Repair and sealing cracked concrete
  • Sealing of static construction joints in concrete
  • Embedding and sealing pressure sensitive signaling cabling
  • Cold Storage Applications due to low temperature cure
  • Filling concrete spawlling damage on factory floors
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy to use
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