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QPR90400 ( QuickBlock )
QuickBlock LI is a single component specially formulated lithium waterglass solution for the surface preparation of moist to wet concrete substrates. QuickBlock LI blocks or closes concrete porosity through crystallization creating a deep moisture barrier.

QuickBlock LI
can be used for preperation of concrete, a large variety of masonary and stone products, conventional plaster, mortar and other mineral based materials.

QuickBlock LI can be used for surface preperation under all VIP Elastomeric Protective Coatings as well as VIP Joint Fillers and VIP flooring systems.
Application areas
  • Surface preparation of moist to wet concrete substrates
  • Moisture barrier.
  • Surface preparation for all VIP lining systems
  • Excellent penetration of mineral based products.
  • A water like solution with low alkalinity
  • Increases the strength of the concrete and thereby increases water pressure resistence
  • Solvent and VOC free
  • Non toxic
  • Heat resistant
  • Non flammable
  • Resistant against micro organisms
  • Odourless
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