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QuickCrete Feather Coat

QCF1000 ( QuickCrete Feather Coat )
QuickCrete Feather Coat is a 1 component polymer modified mortar specifically designed for quick and easy repair of localized concrete substrate problems such as “honey combing”, “bug holes and form work irregularities.

QuickCrete Feather Coat provides a rapid and economical means to repair and prepare concrete substrates prior to the application of VIP protective membranes. Closing honey combing and bug holes caused by air entrapment against form work QuickCrete Feather Coat allows for rapid over coating and reduces outgassing and pin holing commonly associated with hot applied instant setting protective

QuickCrete Feather Coat is an ideal substrate patch and fill solution for all VIP Hot spray protective membranes.
QuickCrete Feather Coat
Application areas
  • As a repair and patch mortar on concrete substrates
  • Filling of “Honey comb” sections in pre-cast concrete
  • Repair of de-moulding damage
  • Repair of exposed aggregate pockets
  • Very good adhesion to standard concrete substrates
  • No primer required - just add water and apply
  • Can be applied over concrete substrates with high moisture content
  • Can be overcoated in as little as 4 hours
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications
  • Can be “feathered” to a thin finish
  • Suitable for internal, external and submersed applications
  • 100% solids, VOC-free, contains zero solvents
Product-Id QCF1000 ( QuickCrete Feather Coat ) Packaging
  • Sack
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