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QFL6030 ( QuickFill Xpress )
Quick Fill X-press 6000 is a rapid setting, high strength, ultra-low viscosity concrete repair polymer. This two part polymer system is designed for rapidly repairing and rebuilding deeply spalled or damaged concrete surfaces, broken control joints and repairing cracks in concrete.
QuickFill Express 6000 sets rapidly even in cold conditions. Quick Fill X-press 6000 is an aromatic polymer. Quick Fill X-press 6000 repairs can be put back into service minutes after installation. Quick Fill X-press 6000 is ideal for repairing damaged concrete in parking decks, warehouses, cold storage facilities or any badly damaged concrete floor. Quick Fill X-press 6000 is especially useful in applications where “Down- time” is critical such as 24 hour facilities.

Unique Characteristics:
Quick Fill X-press 6000 is very low in viscosity allowing for deep penetration of the concrete providing a superior “lock” to the concrete than traditional epoxies. Quick Fill X-press 6000 does not become brittle over time and will cure quickly in a wide range of temperatures including temperatures below zero in just minutes. Quick Fill X-press 6000 is formulated to be extremely fast setting, reducing working time, man hours and operating down-time. Quick Fill X-press 6000 is ideal for repairingdamage to concrete surfaces prior to overcoating. The product can be ground smooth and when properly prepared and coated will not be seen through additional top coats.
QuickFill Xpress
Application areas
  • All concrete spall / Damage repair
  • Rebuilding Control Joint side walls, floor repairs
  • Knitting cracked concrete with rebar
  • Shallow spalls on warehouse floors and bridge decks
  • Cold Storage and warehouse / factory thresholds
  • Car park and loading Decks
  • Loading docks
  • Satisfies OSHA Floor facility safety and surface conditions for fork lift operators
  • Rapid Floor Repair minimizes forklift and cargo accidents
  • Increases productivity by providing smooth operating surfaces at any temperature
  • Reduces facility “down-time” and maintenance costs due to rapid installation and cure times.
  • Meets USDA requirements
  • Fuel resistant
  • Return to full service and “forklift ready” in 10-20 minutes
  • High Strength, very low viscosity, penetrates and locks into concrete
  • Penetrates fine fractures in concrete.
Product-Id QFL6030 ( QuickFill Xpress ) Packaging
  • Bottle
  • Pail
  • Drum
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