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QuickPrime 2K Epoxy SF21 ME

QPR21000 ( QuickPrime 2K Epoxy SF21 ME )
QuickPrime 2K Epoxy SF ME Primer is a two-part, solvent-free, medium viscosity epoxy primer for concrete and wood surfaces. The Primer is highly suitable for concrete substrates where dampness is an issue.
QuickPrime 2K Epoxy SF21 ME
Application areas
  • As an excellent bonding agent between construction substrates and Epoxy/PU Flooring and coatings.
  • Ideal to use prior to application of Polyurea coatings and systems, providing excellent adhesion.
  • Formulated at 1:1 ratio by volume for easy application with brush, spray or roller.
  • High penetrating
  • Solvent-free. Non-hazardous.
  • Exeptional adhesion to steel, concrete and most common construction substrates.
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