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QuickPrime Filler

QPR30135 ( QuickPrime Filler )
Quick Prime Filler is a special powder designed for use in VIP`s 2K Epoxy SF21 Primer in order to create a self levelling concrete repair compound or a self levelling floor topping.
When incorporated into VIP QuickPrime 2K Epoxy SF21 primer it can be used create a self levelling patch repair product or re-construction mortar.

When incorporated with VIP QuickPrime 2K Epoxy SF21 it can create a self levelling floor screed to level and re-instate old or rough floor substrates prior to overcoating with QuickFloor 400 respectively QuickFloor 500.
QuickPrime Filler
Application areas
  • Self levelling concrete repair compound
  • Self levelling floor topping
  • Self levelling patch repair product
  • Re-construction mortar
  • Can create a wide range of end product consistencies suitable for repair mortars, slurries and self levelling pastes simply by adjusting the mix ratio of chemical product to filler
  • Creates a smooth and homogenous product
  • Easy to work with and indefinately adjustable
  • Does not reduce the adhesion to concrete substrates
  • Increases water vapour barrier properties
  • High quality white
Product-Id QPR30135 ( QuickPrime Filler ) Packaging
  • Sack
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