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Surface Pretreatment & Repair

Surface pretreatment and preparation

Surface pretreatment is the key factors for the subsequent application steps.

In many cases surfaces such as concrete, metal or existing previous coatings are contaminated. These areas need to be cleaned mechanically. In general all surfaces must be dry, clean and free of oil, grease, dust and other contaminants. Various methods like grinding, grit blasting or blast-cleaning with sand or water produce a rough, even surface in addition to cleaning it thoroughly.

Chemical preparation

Priming is always recommended after preparation of the surface area. Primers secure pore density, level the surface, take care of voids and subsequently improve adhesion properties. Before continuing with next layer the surface has to be tack free. The timeframe to observe depends on whether or not a 1-Part or a 2-Part Primer system is used.

Before starting with any coatings adhesive pull-strength measures of the substrate should be taken. The target value of the pull-off-test should not fall short of 1,5 Mpa, to ensure a sustainable layer of coating.

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Surface pretreatment and preparation


Quick Block LI

  • Single component specially formulated lithium waterglass solution
  • Surface preparation of moist to wet concrete substrates
  • Can be used for the surface preperation for all VIP lining systems
QuickBlock LI is a single component specially formulated lithium waterglass solution for the surface preparation of moist to wet concrete substrates. QuickBlock LI blocks or closes concrete porosity through crystallization creating a deep moisture barrier
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Primer Solvent Free


  • Solvent free, single component primer
  • Can be used for the production of a levelling mortar and scraping compound
  • Can be used a s a”holding” primer on metallic surfaces
Quick Prime 1K-PU universal SF is a single component, solvent free, polyurethane based primer. Being solvent free it is easy to handle and store and presents no health and safety issues on industrial and mining sites.
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Primer Solvent free & Base Coat for Quick Floor System


  • Two-component modified epoxy resin
  • Solvent free (SF)
  • Primer for concrete and metal substrates
  • Base Coat for QuickFloor Systems
Quick Prime 2K Epoxy SF 21 is a two-component modified epoxy resin specifically designed for sealing and priming concrete substrates. It`s unique formulation allows for full curing on concrete substrates that have relatively high residual moisture content
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  • Self levelling concrete repair compound
  • Self levelling floor topping
  • Self levelling patch repair product
  • Re-construction mortar
Quick Prime Filler is a special powder designed for use in VIP`s 2K Epoxy SF21 Primer in order to create a self levelling concrete repair compound or a self levelling floor topping.
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Primer Solvent Based


  • Single component, solvent borne polyurethane based primer
  • Ideal intermediatry primer between coats of VIP`s elastomeric coatings
  • Excellent bonding strength on existing VIP coatings and metallic substrates
  • Ideal primer for steel applications involving impact and abrasion
Quick Prime 1K-PU universal is a single component, solvent borne polyurethane based primer. After application the solvent evaporates and the remaining chemical crosslinks by absorbing the moisture from the air and from the substrate in the case of a concr
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2 component expanding polymer

QuickSeal Expando FB1

  • Designed to close and secure suitably prepared concrete substrates
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications.
  • Suitable for over coating with VIP membranes
  • Eliminates hand applied cementious skim coats and patch repair materials.
QuickSeal Expando FB 1 is a specially formulated expanding polymer designed to close and secure suitably prepared concrete substrates prior to the application of VIP elastomeric membranes. QuickSeal Expando FB 1 penetrates into bug holes and honey comb de
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2 component lining - 1500ml cartridge systems

QuickSpray Xpress Standard

  • Double cartridge system
  • For small and quick applications & repairs
  • Fast, mobile unit, immediate use, no electricity
  • 100% solids, no solvents, VOC-free
  • Hardness [Shore D] 45 ± 5
QuickSpray Xpress Standard is a very fast set, premium, 2-component 100% solids coating/elastomer derived from a reaction of an Isocyanate Pre-Polymer and an Amine terminated resin blend. This elastomeric coating system has been especially designed to pro
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