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QuickSeal Expando FB1

QFM65500 ( QuickSeal Expando FB1 )
QuickSeal Expando FB 1 is a specially formulated expanding polymer designed to close and secure suitably prepared concrete substrates prior to the application of VIP elastomeric membranes. QuickSeal Expando FB 1 penetrates into bug holes and honey comb defects from form work to close and secure the surface reducing the incidence of pin holing of the elastomeric membrane.

QuickSeal Expando FB 1 is applied using standard heated plural component spray equipment and when applied expands closing all holes and imperfections in the concrete substrate making it an ideal base layer for old concrete tanks that have been high pressure water blasted or grit blasted and had the original smooth concrete surface removed resulting in a rough aggregate surface. The final
product has excellent mechanical and adhesion properties, along with extended thermal insulation properties.
The system is environmentally friendly as it does not contain CFCs/HCFCs.
QuickSeal Expando FB1
Application areas
  • As a surface repair and restoration layer on grit blasted or water blasted concrete substrates prior to the application of VIP protective membranes
  • Can replace hand applied cement based skim coats
  • Repair of exposed aggregate substrates – providing a closed substrate for the application of VIP membranes.
  • Very good adhesion to standard concrete substrates
  • Can be applied over concrete substrates with high moisture content
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications
  • Self-skinning consistent surface finish suitable for over coating with VIP membranes.
  • Reduces application processes by eliminating hand applied cementious skim coats and patch repair materials.
  • Rapid application compared to mortar based skim coats.
  • Suitable for internal, external and submersed applications
Product-Id QFM65500 ( QuickSeal Expando FB1 ) Packaging
  • Drum
  • IBC
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