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QuickSeal MP250

QSL50200 ( QuickSeal MP250 )
QuickSeal MP 250 is an instant curing flexible Waterproofing membrane that can be built to any thickness in one application. and an economical alternative to QuickSeal PP 350 for applications that are not subject to extreme climatic conditions.

QuickSeal MP 250 provides a permanently flexible, seamless Waterproofing solution for a wide range of substrates. Its rapid application and instant curing characteristics enable shorter shut down times than traditional Waterproofing products. QuickSeal MP 250 is specially formulated and designed for different options of application techniques, which allows to apply this material by plural component hot spray high pressure or with cold spray low pressure machines like VIP`s LP-2. So therefore the operator can select the adequate application technique for the specific job and project size.
QuickSeal MP250
Application areas
  • Large scale Waterproofing for Commercial, Industrial & manufacturing facilities
  • Waterproofing of high impact areas. – Plant rooms, trafficable roof decks
  • Waterproofing for areas exposed to high wind abrasion
  • Waterproofing of water features, pools and ponds
  • Bridge, street and tunnel construction Waterproofing
  • Waterproofing and containment applications where high humidity and high levels of residual moisture are not factors to be considered during application
  • Excellent cost to benefits ratio
  • Extremely fast application time
  • Tack free in seconds – walk on in minutes
  • Rapid return to service saves time and money
  • Seamless Waterproofing. No welding of joints – totally seamless
  • Excellent adhesion to nearly all substrates - concrete, steel, aluminium, wood, foam etc.
  • Can transgress multiple substrate types in one application
  • Good tensile and structural strength
  • 100% solids, VOC-free, Solvent free
  • Good abrasion and impact resistance
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  • Pail
  • Drum
  • IBC
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