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QuickSpray Industrial Slow

QSP50180 ( QuickSpray Industrial Slow )
Quick Spray Industrial Slow is a high-performance, sprayable, two-component elastomer coating system with a significantly longer gel or processing time, so that smoother, mirror-like surfaces can be generated during spray application.

The extended processing time of the product Quick Spray Industrial Slow creates a significantly higher degree of self-leveling properties compared to the standard product Quick Spray Industrial and thus enables applications with increased surface quality to be reproduced.
QuickSpray Industrial Slow
Application areas
  • Inner pipe coatings with a significantly lower degree of roughness and coefficient of friction and a more uniform surface finish
  • Generation of slippery surfaces of geometrical moldings for concrete formwork
  • Increasing the level of residual emptying of excavator shovels, truck bodies, freight wagons
  • Sedimentation and waste water tanks to improve their cleanability
  • Coating of EPS molded parts and structures for film sets and architectural applications
  • High quality coating of PU furniture
  • 100% formulated polyurea; Can be used even in the most extreme climatic conditions
  • Delayed response and extended processing times of up to 20-30 seconds.
  • Components with complex geometrical shapes (even small parts) can easily be coated
  • Self-leveling, an extremely smooth level ensures a high-quality look
  • Resistant to dilute acids and alkalis, salt solutions and oils
  • Seamless, monolithic, high layer thickness possible, bridging cracks, remains flexible
  • High elongation properties Good tensile and peel strength
  • Excellent rebound resilience creates special resistance to impact wear
  • Can be applied to different substrates in one step
  • Remains flexible over a wide temperature range (low minus and high plus temperatures)
  • Resistant to weather and salt water
  • 100% solids, VOC-free, no solvents
Product-Id QSP50180 ( QuickSpray Industrial Slow ) Packaging
  • Pail
  • Drum
  • IBC
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