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QuickSpray Supreme HE

QSP50133 ( QuickSpray Supreme HE )
QuickSpray Supreme HE is a high performance, spray applied, instant curing flexible membrane that displays exceptional elongation properties. Due to the products unique and intricate pore density it will provide excellent corrosion protection to all substrates. The product reacts within seconds and once cured, leaves a flexible, durable, exceptionally tough surface that remains highly flexible.

Due to its exceptionally high elongation properties QuickSpray Supreme – HE is extremely effective when applied to substrates with excessive
flexibility or movement.
QuickSpray Supreme HE
Application areas
  • Construction waterproofing particularly where the substrate is subject to movement – construction and expansion joints
  • Water and wastewater tanks and pits
  • Pools and reservoirs
  • Roofs, park decks, garage floors, ramps
  • Bridge deck waterproofing, tunnel waterproofing
  • Helicopter landing decks
  • Vibrating materials handling equipment, conveyer belt repairs and life extension
  • Extremely high elongation properties – 655%
  • Can be applied even under extreme climatic conditions
  • Extended gel time
  • Geometrically complicated designs and construction components can be easily coated in one seamess application
  • Rapid return to service time > long life-cycle > significant savings
  • Anti corrosive & waterproofing
  • Excellent adhesion on concrete, steel, aluminum, plastics, fiberglass, wood, foam etc.
  • Does not exhibit sensitivity to moisture during application and curing process – allows for applicaton in humid environments
  • Resistant to most chemicals, solvents, acids and caustics
  • High impact & abrasion resistence, maintains flexibility
  • Seamless and joint-less membrane, high application thickness possible in one application
  • Very good tensile and structural strength
Product-Id QSP50133 ( QuickSpray Supreme HE ) Packaging
  • Pail
  • Drum
  • IBC
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