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QuickSpray Supreme HP

QSP53160 ( QuickSpray Supreme HP )
QuickSpray Supreme HP is an instant curing, spray applied, seamless, and flexible protective membrane. QuickSpray Supreme HP is a specially formulated high performance protective lining specifically developed for extreme applications where abrasion, impact and chemical influences are high considerations. Being spray applied to any thickness in one application the protective membrane is seamless and it is tack free in seconds significantly reducing shut down times.

QuickSpray Supreme HP is also designed to adsorb blast shock waves and capture blast fragmentation and shrapnel. QuickSpray Supreme HP displays excellent elongation properties and very high tensile strength giving it the ability to “stretch” and adsorb shock waves whilst still resisting rupturing.
QuickSpray Supreme HP
Application areas
  • Primary containment – corrosion and chemical protection of steel and concrete substrates
  • Secondary containment – Safety bunds for chemical and aggressive liquid storage facilities
  • Materials handling applications – Bins, hoppers, chutes, subject to high abrasion, chemical and impact forces
  • Truck and Rail wagon linings
  • Wear parts in mining applications
  • Tank linings for chemical storage
  • Slurry tank and pipe linings
  • Sedimentation and separation tank linings involving abrasion and chemical components
  • Ammunition storage bunkers / containers
  • Mobile command and communication centers
  • Floors of personnel carriers
  • Embassy buildings and perimeter security walls
  • Critical power supply installations and fuel storage facilities
  • Significantly improved chemical resistance to acids and bleaches over standard elastomers
  • Superior impact, abrasion and tear resistance properties
  • Very high values for tensile strength
  • Higher Hydrolysis resistance than general purpose elastomeric linings
  • Very fast reactivity and cure times
  • Fast return to service time > long life-cycle > significant whole of life savings
  • Excellent corrosion and waterproofing properties
  • Excellent adhesion on concrete, steel, aluminum, fiber, wood, foam etc.
  • Resistant to most aggressive chemicals, solvents, acids and caustics
  • No sensitivity to humidity or moisture during the spraying and curing processes
  • High impact resistance, maintains flexibility and does not become brittle
  • Spray applied Seamless application to any thickness in one application
  • Allows accurate reproduction of surface detail
Product-Id QSP53160 ( QuickSpray Supreme HP ) Packaging
  • Pail
  • Drum
  • IBC
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