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QuickFloor Flakes

QFC1001 ( QuickFloor Flakes )
QuickSpray / QuickSeal Pigment is a pigment paste specifically formulated for use in VIP`s QuickSpray and QuickSeal elastomeric  coating systems. The pigments are easily incorporated into the VIP Elastomeric coating system by adding the pre-weighed container contents into the B-side component. After thoroughly power stirring the piogment into the B-side chemical component the pigment will be dispersed evenly and homogenously with no lumps. The addition of the QuickSpray / QuickSeal Pigments does not negatively effect the visocisty of the VIP elastomeric coating system.

The Pigments are available in following colours:

QS Pigment Sky Blue / Himmelblau -5 kg (Similar / Ähnlich RAL 5015)QPG515015
QS Pigment Dark Blue / Dunkelblau-5 kg (Similar / Ähnlich RAL 5005)QPG5150055
QS Pigment Light Grey / Lichtgrau -5 kg (Similar / Ähnlich RAL 7035)QPG517035
QS Pigment Dark Grey / Dunkelgrau -0,5 kg (Similar / Ähnlich RAL 7005)QPG527005
QS Pigment Dark Grey / Dunkelgrau -5 kg (Similar / Ähnlich RAL 7005)QPG517005
QS Pigment Black / Schwarz -5 kg (Similar / Ähnlich RAL 9011)QPG51901
QuickFloor Flakes
Application areas
  • Pigments for QuickSeal linings
  • Pigments for QuickSpray linings
  • Easily incorporated into the B-side (resin) component of the VIP Elastomeric coating system.
  • Provides even and consistent colouring of the elastomeric membrane.
Product-Id QFC1001 ( QuickFloor Flakes ) Packaging
  • Tub
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