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 Jabal Ali Waste Water Treatment Plant
Jabal Ali Waste Water Treatment Plant
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Jabal Ali Waste Water Treatment Plant

The first sewage water treatment plant in the middle east with polyurea as the internal lining.

While the specs called for GRP lining, discussions went back and forth with Dubai Municipality to upgrade the lining from GRP to Polyurea in order to boost the project's quality and performance using the later technology and minimize the execution time.

  • 1. Concrete was pressure washed and cleaned of any residues that may have an affect to bonding.
  • 2. QuickFill and QuickPrime Epoxy was applied to prepare for spraying.
  • 3. The aromatic Polyurea QuickSpray Industrial layer 2.5mm applied with Graco XP-2 high pressure spray unit.

The complete process of surface-preparation and application of base coat was successfully com- pleted 4 months despite extreme conditions in below ground tunnel infrastructure. Material supply thru VIP-Delta Co., the previous distributor for the VIP range of products in UAE.

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Waste Water Treatment Plant




United Arab Emirates

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90.000 m²







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