Nujoum Roof
Nujoum Roof
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Nujoum Roof

Waterproofing the Nujoum building roof

Corrotech Building Maintenance is part of the MCT Group of Companies and provides facility management services to over 2.000 villas and apartments.

The client was looking to refurbish the roof of an older building in Dubai. The project had many challengers in that the roof was full of A/C units, old satellite dishes and redundant pipes. Therefore, the roof had to be completed in stages and services returned to use asap.

VIPSHIELD was chosen by the client as it provided a seamless waterproofing membrane, extended warranties in comparison to other systems and a quick turnaround time meaning limited inconvenience to tenants.

Application steps:
1) Surface repair & preparation
2) Priming using Quickprime SF ME
3) Application of 2mm QuickSeal PP350 - hot spray applied polyurea

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Nujoum Roof




United Arab Emirates

Size (in m²)

3000 m²




Corrotech Building Maintenance


Unimag Technical LLC

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